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What if we do not live in the Western Albemarle district, or my child goes to provide school, can he still play with your club? Absolutely. While most of our players do live in Western Albemarle, and attend the public schools there, we welcome players from other parts of the county, as well as players from private schools. All players will be treated equally. 

What is the difference between the Western Albemarle Lacrosse Club and Whitten Lacrosse? Our club is primarily a spring operation and Coach Whitten - as head coach of the Western Albemarle High School varsity team - is the boys coordinator for our entire program, including our youth club. Coach Whitten also runs his own lacrosse business, which is something that he first developed in Connecticut. Through Whitten Lacrosse, he organizes non-spring programming such as summer camps, indoor box lacrosse in the fall and winter, and private lessons. 

Does the club run any summer travel teams? When we launched the club in late 2012, we wanted to focus on getting the spring program running smoothly. That remains our focus for now, but we continue to weigh the possibility of summer travel teams in the future.

What is the difference between the Western Albemarle Lacrosse Club and the Seminole Lacrrose League in Charlottesville? Our Club's mission, as stated on this website, is to provide a dynamic, top-down program for all lacrosse players in the Western district, integrating the Club and the high school program at Western Albemarle High School. The Seminole league provides programming in other parts of Charlottesville where they don't have clubs like ours. In past seasons, our Club has played games against teams from the Seminole league.