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Players must order uniforms via the Team Store on the WALC site, and provide their own equipment. For those families who feel they may need financial assistance to meet the equipment requirements below, please see our link on Scholarships.

Required pieces of equipment by US Lacrosse are Helmet, Shoulder Pads, Arm Pads, Gloves and a Mouthguard.

1. Please understand that a helmet is probably the most important piece of equipment a young lacrosse player wears.  There have been many advances in helmet technology in recent years.  With great awareness of concussions, it makes sense to buy a helmet that fits properly and offers maximum protection for your son. We do not have any requirements for helmet colors, but we do recommend buying a helmet that is either white or compatible with the program colors (blue and gold).
2. Lacrosse Shoulder Pads cover a player's shoulders, chest and upper arms.
3. Lacrosse Arm Pads cover a player from mid upper arm to the wrist area.
4. Lacrosse Gloves are another piece of protective gear that is very import, and will protect their hands and fingers.
5. Lacrosse Rib Pads (recommended for attackmen)
6. A protective Cup is NOT required but is highly recommended.
7. A Mouthguard is one of the most important pieces of equipment for protecting teeth, but did you know that the majority of concussions happens when a player's jaw smashes shut?  A Mouthguard is the easies way to prevent a concussion.
8. Rubber-tipped Cleats
9. White Socks
10. Lacrosse stick (see description below)


1. U-9 sticks must be from 37"-42" long
2. U-11, U-13, and U-15 attack/middie sticks must be 40"-42" long
3. U-11 and U-13 defenseman sticks must be from 43"-60" long
4. U-15 defenseman sticks must be no longer than the tip of the player's nose. Players with a longer stick must cut it down. If you have an expensive shaft, replace it with an aluminum one and cut it to the correct length.


During the early season practices it is cold and sometimes rainy.  If that is the case, then please layer your child with outer and under layer clothing.  We ask all parents to use their best judgement and gauge the weather conditions before bringing your son to either a practice or a game.  We suggest clothing  such as:

1.  Polypropylene full-sleeve jersey (worn under the equipment).  Many kids prefer the UnderArmour brand.
2.  A thin water resistant breathable top 
2. Polypropylene long under shorts.  Many kids prefer UnderArmour.
3. Water resistent running warm up pants